The amount of information listed in the entry depends on how the archival fonds and collection are arranged.


Information indispensable for an entry to be considered valid are written in bold:

Information Example 1 Example 2
1. The name of the Archives Državni arhiv u Pazinu Državni arhiv u Pazinu
2. The shelfmark of the fonds HR-DAPA-2 HR-DAPA-55

(In the original language)


(Communis Albonae, Comunità d’Albona)


(Prefettura dell’Istria a Pola)

4. Time period of the archives 1420/1797 1923-1945
5. The title of the series/unit

(of which the cited item is a part)

Zapisnici sjednica Općinskog vijeća: knjiga 8 VI. Osoblje
6. (Time period of archives within a series) (1718-1744) (1923-1924)
7. The title or information about the content of the unit which is cited fol. 55 (4. IV. 1724) dok. 5678
8. (Time period or date of the unit which is cited) (4. IV. 1724) (12. II. 1923)
9. (box, bundle, book) kutija 6 kutija 56


Example 1:

Državni arhiv u Pazinu, HR-DAPA-2, OPĆINA LABIN (Communis Albonae, Comunità d’Albona), 1420/1797, Zapisnici sjednica Općinskog vijeća (1718-1744), knjiga 8: fol. 55 (4. IV. 1724), kutija 6.

(The State Archives in Pazin, HR-DAPA-2, The Municipality of Labin (Communis Albonae, Comunità d’Albona), 1420/1797, Minutes of the Municipal Council Session , book 8: fol.55 (4th April 1724), box 6)


Example 2:

Državni arhiv u Pazinu, HR-DAPA-55, PREFEKTURA ISTRE U PULI (Prefettura dell’Istria a Pola), 1923-1945, VI. Osoblje, (1923-1924), dok 5678 (12. II. 1923), kutija 5.

(The State Archives in Pazin, HR-DAPA-55, The Prefecture of Istria in Pula (Prefettura dell’Istria a Pola), 1923-1945, Personnel, doc 5678, (12th February 1923), box 5)