The State Archives in Pazin is an institution for safekeeping the archival material which was originated by different creators (municipalities and other administrative units, companies etc) and, if requested, this material can be copied. The State Archives does not do researches for users but we will meet your request if this does not take up too much time.

Making copies is one of the ways of using archival material which is regulated by the Archives and Archival Institutions Act (OG 105/97, 64/00 and 65/09), Ordinance on the usage of archives (OG 67/99).

The person who needs copies (the Applicant) fills in the Application form for obtaining copies. (.pdf, 120 kB)


Note: We do not accept applications via email or telephone. Once you fill in the form, please bring it in person or send it by regular mail.


In compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act, the DAPA must respond to every application within 30 days upon receipt. If the information given in the application is sufficient, the request will be processed within 15 days.

In some cases, it is possible to fill in a priority processing application form. The DAPA will accept this application after evaluating the possibility of fulfilling such application. The DAPA will turn down any application that cannot be processed urgently. The priority processing means that you will receive a response within the same day or the next day.

In case there is some missing information in the application, the DAPA will contact the Applicant by phone and ask him to complete the form with the missing information. In compliance with the Act on the Right to Access Information (OG 172/03), the DAPA is obliged to answer the applicant’s enquire about the application (if the request is in progress, if it has been processed and when it will be completed). During the process , the DAPA is not obliged to give any information related to the content of the response to the application.


The DAPA sends the response to the Applicant by mail, to the address indicated in the form. The fee for obtaining copies is paid upon receiving the response.

The fee is paid according to the Price List of the State Archives in Pazin. (.pdf, 248 kB)

The fee for Priority processing is, in compliance with the General Terms of the Pricelist, increased by 20 to 40 %.